Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.

1) It´s a pleasure business with your company.
2) If you want to progress in your career to must a great job.
3) I sometimes need to overtime at work.
4) a decision about your career plan is not an easy task.
5) How often do you presentations at work ?
6) Can you please all the arrangements for the CEO´s visit ?
7) The marketing department is responsible for marketing research .
8) Most people are willing to sacrifice and keep excuses not to study hard.
9) Can you please me a favor ?
10)I’m sorry, but he said that he wouldn’t like to a contribution.
11)Many small businesses take months or even years to a profit
12)Let’s talk it over and be sure that we are the right thing
13)The scandal damage to both his reputation and his personal life
14) Gary voted this morning. He said it felt good to his civic duty.
15)With a demanding job and two kids, it’s hard to time for other things
16)Steve an attempt to clarify the misunderstanding, but I don’t think they got it.
17)Our interns are trying to the most of their time here
18) I believe you must some shopping as soon as possible.
19)We should have gone out instead of having the party here. We a complete mess.
20) We have a strict policy against that. I don’t know that they’ll an exception.
21) overtime on a regular basis can be exhausting.
22) Most employees spend too much time complaints instead of trying to a difference in the workplace.
23) You should a close follow-up on this project. It´s our top priority.
24) It doesn´t sense promises you can´t deliver.
25) I really hate the dishes after cooking.
26) We have an important agreement with the FiberTex.
27) You´ve got to an appointment with your doctor.